Rent-to-Own Shipping Containers

Storage is one of the most important aspects of living in a property. If you find that you have too much stuff for the built-in storage spaces in your home, you need to find extra storage space somehow. RTO Containers is here to help. We offer rent-to-own shipping containers that you can simply place on your property to act as your own personal storage unit.

What Is Rent-to-Own?

In other words, rent-to-own is a kind of payment plan. So you’ll rent one of our storage containers at a fair monthly price, but once you pay the full price of the container in rental payments, the container is yours to keep.

Why Choose Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are one of the best choices for storage. One of the best benefits is that they’re reinforced with steel, so you’ll have an extremely durable and secure storage space. You can store your valuables in there with peace of mind. You can also get them insulated to protect delicate items. Plus, these containers are huge, so you’ll have plenty of space for items and furniture.

What Should You Expect When You Choose Us?

RTO Containers is proud to offer the best way for people to get the additional storage they need. One of the best aspects of working with us is that we don’t do hard credit checks. Instead, we have a simple point system to verify where you qualify. So don’t worry if your credit has a few issues.

First, you’ll fill out our no-obligation application online. We’ll look it over and approve you, maybe even on the same day as you apply. Then you choose whether you want a 12-, 24-, 36-, or 48-month rental term. As for a down payment, you only need the first and last months’ rental payments as a down payment, and we’ll deliver your container to you.

Once you have one of our rent-to-own storage containers, you simply pay the rental price each month until you own it. You can even pay it off early for a discount (call us for more details).

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