RENT-TO-OWN is focused on the customer.  Our primary goal remains to listen to our customers needs, and to work hard to make sure that our customers’ Rent-to-Own experience is quick, easy, and enjoyable.

NO CREDIT CHECK – there is no credit check involved in our application process.  We use a simple point system to see if you qualify.  Less than perfect credit is OK with RTO Containers.

LOW DOWN PAYMENTS –  All it takes is the first months plus the last months rent to own payments as a down payment in order to get your storage container delivered to you!

QUICK AND EASY APPROVAL PROCESS –   There is no obligation, and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete our online application.  Get your approval and possibly even delivery of a container the same day!

FLEXIBLE TERMS – RTO Containers offers 12, 24, 36, and even 48 month term payment options.  If you choose the 48 month term option – you will be required to enroll in autopay.  Most of our customers love the autopay option and choose it anyway regardless of their chosen payment term.

EARLY PAYOFF – There is NO penalty if you decide you want to pay off your agreement early.  Actually – you can pay off early and be eligible for a 33% discount off the remaining balance of the rent to own agreement payments.  (before the last six months of the agreement)  Call us for details.

OWNERSHIP – Unlike ANY self storage facility that you might rent for your storage needs – a rent to own program from RTO Containers allows you to OWN the storage container at the end of the term.  Take charge of your storage costs – right there from your very own rented or owned property!