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Can I put extra money down?

RTO Containers does not accept additional money down. We require a down payment of the first month and last month rent to own payments.  In the event that your goal is to pay off early and you want to make an additional down payment, we can set up a  “deposit” account – call us for… Read more »

What is the LDW? Do I need the LDW?

Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) covers the remaining balance due on your agreement with RTO Containers in the event the container is damaged or destroyed due uncontrollable act of God such as tornado, fire, flood etc.  At RTO Containers we always recommend adding the LDW.  The cost is 10% of your monthly payment added to your… Read more »

How to make payments?

RTO Containers makes it easy. Online, mail, phone or in person; RTO also provides EZ pay option that can be set up to process your monthly payment through your banking account.

Does RTO Containers check my Credit?

NO CREDIT CHECK! The approval process at RTO Containers is a quick and easy point-based application. Takes 10-15 minutes to fill out and the approval rate is over 95%

Can I pay off early?

Yes. You can pay off your agreement at any time (up until the last six months of the agreement) .  If you choose to pay off early,  you actually can get a 33% discount off of the remaining balance of your RTO Agreement.  

What is the interest rate on rent to own?

RTO Containers rent to own agreements are considered Rental Agreements and not traditional financing, so there is no interest or principal. Your monthly payment over the term you choose is considered rent towards the total purchase price.  Once all rent to own payments are made,  you own the storage container!

How does rent to own compare with monthly storage facility rents?

When compared on a cost per square foot basis, rent to own monthly payments are usually equal to or lower than storage facility rents – AND you OWN the storage container at the end of the term instead of just throwing away rent money!!

What is rent-to-own of a storage container?

Rent to own is simply another way to pay for storage.  This method allows you to pay a fixed monthly rent to own payment,  part of which applies towards your eventual ownership of the storage container.